Meet Our Staff

Teryn Clarke, M.D.
Evaluation & Treatment of Memory

     Dr. Clarke is a board-certified neurologist with a primary focus on memory and cognitive health.  She has been in private practice in Orange County since 2003.  She graduated from UCLA with a major in Biology and minor in Business Administration.  She earned her medical degree from USC Keck School of Medicine, and was designated a Dean’s Scholar.  She completed her residency training in Neurology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. 

     Dr. Clarke has served as the Medical Director and a Board member of Alzheimer’s Family Services Center in Huntington Beach.  The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America honored her as the Dementia Care Professional of the Year for 2015.  The same year, she was selected to be a delegate to the American Academy of Neurology Palatucci Leadership Forum.  She also serves the medical community as an Expert Reviewer for the Medical Board of California.

Angela Huntsman, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Health & Aging Psychology

     Dr. Huntsman is a licensed clinical psychologist with 23 years experience practicing psychology in California. Along with her clinical practice, she has spent nine years on faculty at UCLA and two years teaching at Australian universities.  

     Health psychology is a specialty area that focuses on how psychology, biology and social factors influence our health and illness trajectory.  Aging psychology focuses on the idea that as we age the things we have been ‘carrying’ all our lives have the added burden of those things that come with age, sometimes making it all a bit too much.

     Dr. Huntsman combines health and aging psychology together so individuals can put strategies in place to help enhance coping with stress, managing specific worries, or caring for others.

     Many of the mental health and behavioral problems once thought to be a part of normal aging are preventable or treatable helping to create and manage better overall health outcomes and living.